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The Best Choice for Home Inspection Services

Lake Shore Home Inspections takes pride in our service and reliability. Lake Shore Home Inspections PA employs only experienced, certified inspectors that deliver reports that continually exceed the state standards. Our inspectors are bound to a strict code of ethics to ensure quality service while providing important protections.

Our inspectors work exclusively for you. Lake Shore Home Inspections follows nationally accepted standards of practice and are all certified home inspectors. For your safety, LSHI does not perform repairs on any home inspected. Your rights are protected under the highest standards from their home inspection company.

All of our inspection reports must be authentic and withstand critical examination. Our reputation builds one home inspection service at a time because we make it our goal to exceed your expectations.

Home owners and realtors are encouraged to be present during the home inspection so that our inspectors can familiarize you with the home and educate you on the process throughout the inspection.

Why choose us?

  • Assured Inspection

    Our home inspections are thorough and include the inspection of over 400 items.

  • Detailed Reports

    Our detailed, conclusive reports are reviewed with you for added peace of mind.

  • Education and Planning

    We inform you of all major and minor expenditures you may have coming up.

  • Safety

    We are licensed in Pennsylvania for radon testing and radon mitigation. License PA#2950

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Lake Shore Home Inspections PA - The Best Choice for Home Inspection Services